Initially damaged and closed in 1978, 4 1/2 miles of closed road await after a 21mile ascent along Hwy 39.  A left turn onto Angeles Crest Hwy leads you up to Cloudburst Summit followed by a descent and climb to Redbox. A 14 mile descent brings you back to civilization. Bring food, tubes, tools, and 2 water bottle minimum. Minimal support. BBQ at Golden Saddle Cyclery afterwards.

Down load cue sheet:

mf hump hundo cue

video meditations volume three from single ape on Vimeo.


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  • Richard Agcamaran

    What time will the group reach the beginning of hwy 39? i plan to meet up there

    • Eric Nelson

      Encanto park is a good spot to meet up. Plan on the ride leaving a little late, I think around 8-830 is when they’ll roll through the park and usually stop/fill bottles.

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  • alain moona

    i’ll also be jumping on at hwy 39 (since i live in OC it’d be ideal to finding a ride/riding to LA first.) email me at lionambience at gmail IF there’s someone who could send me verification on when you guys leave so i make sure to be in the vacinity when you guys arrive at the riverbed (my usual pee break spot is Pioneer Park on Sierra Madre and just a few blocks east of Azusa Ave) in time to then join THE CLIMB.

    ex oh ex oh

    • moi

      If you want to meet on the 39 your best bet is Encanto Park around 8:30-9:00 am.

      See you in the morning.